Treating puffy eyes with Natural Homemade Remedies

Whether your puffy eyes are a result of lack of sleep, allergies, high blood pressure or genetics, there are some pretty simple things you can do to help them look better!

The old modelís trick of cucumbers placed on top of your closed eyes really does work! Lay back and place the thin slices on your eyes for twenty minutes or so and youíll be looking more refreshed in no time!

Also eyewash for inflamed eyes is an infusion of comfrey or a decoction of comfrey root. Rose water is also a good eyewash. Eyewash made from dock and from yarrow also soothes sore eyes. Limiting salt and alcohol intake will help also. These items dehydrate your body and have been known to cause that puffiness that plagues so many of us!

Donít throw away your used tea bags! Make sure they're moist and cool enough to apply to the closed eyelids for 15 minutes! Donít sleep on your face! Sleeping on your face causes fluid retention in that area and contributes to puffy eyes. Instead, try to learn to sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated.
Make sure you are removing your contact lenses before you go to sleep. Leaving them in may cause irritation that is causing the puffiness.
Splash your face with clod water immediately when you wake up!
These tips should help diminish the appearance of the puffy eyes that you wake up with each morning1